Say hello to a new way of seeing links

Visually analyse and explore the link profiles of your business and your competitors with Link Imager. Link building and link profile analysis will never be the same again.

  • Benefit Number One

    Link Constellations

    See how links relate to a website and to each other in the larger scheme of things.

  • Benefit Number Two

    Endless Detail

    Delve deep into a website on multiple interactive levels, redefining link neighbourhoods.

  • Benefit Number Three

    Link Chains

    Follow the trail of links through the Internet, watching link equity in real time.

  • Benefit Number Four

    Dazzle your clients

    Incorporate brilliant Link Constellations into your SEO work and impress your clients with amazing visualisations.

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  • What is our web app?

    What is Link Imager?

    Link Imager is a new, graphical way of looking at link relationships. View links as interactive maps and constellations. Obtain a strategic view into how websites link to each other.

  • How does our app work?

    Just use your Majestic SEO account

    If you have a Majestic SEO account, you can access our tools. Link Imager uses real time data from Majestic SEO to create brilliant Link Constellations.

  • What do you get?

    What do you get?

    Get unprecedented insight into your link profile. Obtain a bird's eye view of link neighbourhoods, easily exporting node maps for use in SEO Audits and presentations. Blow the socks off your SEO clients with Link Imager.

What do our clients say?


    As an SEO Consultant I am always looking for ways to make tasks more efficient and streamlined. I am also very interested in any methods that aid visualization of links to web sites. Link Imager hits the nail on the head for both of these requirements. It requires very little effort to quickly get a full link constellation that shows where links are coming from, allowing me to make informed decisions on link building.
    Trevor Stolber, SEO Consultant,